About Us

About Us

In 2011 Bennetts Funerals were asked by a parent who had  lost both her adult sons if they would start a support group just for bereaved parents. As funeral service professionals, Bennetts felt a sense of injustice when we dealing with the funeral arrangements of a child or young person. It goes against the natural order of things. When the parents group started in June that year it crystallised how unique the loss of a child is and, secondly, the benefit and comfort that is gained by bereaved parents talking to one another.

Bridget Holley

I am the group leader for Our Grieving Hearts.  In 2015 we joined The Compassionate Friends, a national charity that supports the family following the death of a child of any age. Our Grieving Hearts is one of only three support groups for the whole of Essex who support parents. By joining The Compassionate Friends this has strengthened the breadth of support we can offer bereaved parents giving them not just the support group – who are all caring and wonderful people – but access to on line support, specialised retreats and events.

Our hope is that in some small way what we have started goes on to help bereaved parents for many years to come.

Please read our leaflet which provides more  information and useful contact details.  You can view it here Grieving Hearts 2019 FLYER