Butterfly Meadow

As the Compassionate Friends marks it’s 50th anniversary, we are excited and grateful to have been allowed access to St Mary’s Church land at the Butterfly Meadow. We are, in conjunction with the church and Essex Wildlife Trust working to restore the area to it’s former glory. It is the perfect destination for a walk to enjoy the peace and quiet from the hustle and bustle of life. We are also grateful to Bennetts Funeral Directors and Brentwood Council for their support in this venture.”

Things are looking much clearer up at Butterfly Meadow since the mechanical cutter came in and made light work of the intrusive vegetation.

A lorry full of the dumped material from the western edge of the plot has been removed with many thanks to Chris Davis and his grab lorry.  The majority of the nettle growth has been reduced to allow ease of access around the perimeter of the meadow although maintaining a modest amount of nettles for the benefit of the butterflies.

We welcomed the hard work of Community Service Volunteers at the meadow who cleaned the stones on the sundial and kindly bought us a bin to reduce littering.  They also placed solar lights around the centre of the maze and if you look closely around the benches you will find some new faces peeping out.

Thank you!!

We raised over £200 at our Tea & Cake at 50 event last month.  Thanks to everyone who came along to the walk to Butterfly Meadow and enjoyed the lovely tea at Merrymeade House.